Egypt Part 2: Popular tourist sites and travel information about Cairo as of 2018

Map of Ancient Cities (3)

Map of Temples (1)

When we look back at the Mayans or ancient Egypt, we look at their art. ~Robert Wilson

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Since there is sooo much detail about each attraction, I’m going to list them below and go through one location per post. It can be a better overview. I would love to make a giant post but I think some people would find that to be very overwhelming, so that’s why I’m doing it this way. Hope this makes things easier and more enjoyable as a reader.

Cities and sights to see:

  1. Cairo

    • Egyptian Museum
    • Al-azhar Mosque
  2. Luxor

    • Temple of Karnak
    • Valley of the Kings
    • Luxor Temple
    • Luxor Museum
    • Temple of Deir al-Bahri (Queen Hatshepsut)
    • Medinet Habu
    • Ramessuem
  3. Giza

    • Pyramids
    • Sphinx
  4. Aswan

    • Philae Temple
    • Temple of Abu Simbel
  5. Dahab

    • Mount Sinai
  6. Edfu

    • Temple of Ramses III
    • Temple of Horus
  7. Alexandria, Jordan (nearby; close enough for a couple day trip)

    • Bibliotheca Alexandrina
    • Alexandria’s National Museum
    • Fort Qaitbey
    • Corniche
    • Kom el-Dikka
    • Montazah Gardens

Cairo seems like the logical place to start since it has the Egyptian Museum the holder of the ancient Egyptian antiquities. Yes it doesn’t have the pyramids but it give travels a peak into their point of view as ruler of the sands. Currently it has over 120,000 items on display, this seems like an enormous amount but in my opinion it would be like running through the Louvre in France in one day (you have to come back over and over again to truly get the grasp of what treasures it holds).

The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is Nature.
~ Egyptian Proverbs

I believe that this is the reason people find serenity in nature, awe in mountains, and wonder in the pyramids. Going back to the simplest things in life will give you a sense of pride in being able to witness the miracles that have come to pass over the centuries. That being said let’s divide into the two main attractions in Cairo:

Egyptian Museum 1

Egyptian Museum 2

Egyptian Museum 3

Egyptian Museum 4

The Egyptian Museum

  • Ticket prices:
    • 11-17 US dollars but pay in Egyptian pounds (roughly 200-300 pounds)
  • Museum hours:
    • 9 am to 7 pm, only exception is during Ramadan (the date of this holy event changes every year so look up dates before planning trip) – during those times the museum will close much earlier
  • Most important things to see:
    • King Tutankhamun’s tomb artifacts (second floor exhibit)
    • The Mummy room (extra ticket at front office to get inside, roughly 100 extra pounds or $6 USD) again on the second floor
      • Mummies inside:
        • Ramses I
        • Ramses II
        • Ramses III
        • Ahmose I
        • Tutmos III
        • Hatshepsut
  • Exiting:
    • Into the garden area
      • Scammers wait there often (so be aware)
        • They are called pressure cooker scammers because they won’t leave you alone until you spend a lot of money on their merchandise or they will try to lure you away from the museum to their own shops downtown
      • There are no legitimate gift shops off site of the museum

Al-azhar Mosque 1

Al-azhar Mosque 2

Al-azhar Mosque

  • Ticket prices:
    • Free but remember to stay respectful throughout the day since it still is a holy place
    • Women should wear clothes that cover their arms and legs, also wear a scarf or a veil over your hair this is REQUIRED if you want to be able to enter
    • Tip the men watching after your shoes since you have to take them off when you enter as well (both sexes have to do this)
  • Important facts about it
    • Most of the worlds most influential civilizations have left their mark on the mosque
    • Has six entrances, the main one used by visitors is called The Baber’s Gate and it opens into a white marble courtyard (the oldest part of the Mosque)
    • It’s located in the heart of Islamic Cairo
    • Most of the mosque is closed to tourist including the library (which houses books dated back to the 8th century)

Next post will have everything to do with Luxor and the wonders to be seen there.

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Let me know if there is another other adivce you have heard on your travels about this location.

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